Medline’s Quicksuite® O.R.Table Kit is one way to improve care in the OR and to reduce the incidence of skin irritation through moisture management.

Features and Benefits

The kit contains a Sahara Theatre Table Sheet, made of super absorbent polymer, accompanied by a soft disposable draw/lift sheet.

Sahara Theatre Table Sheet

  • Core polymer technology rapidly wicks moisture away, maintaining skin integrity
  • Impervious to blood and body fluids
  • Resistance to moisture
  • Low risk for moisture retention
  • Full theatre table coverage
  • Quilted for smooth surface
  • Disposable design creates low risk for harbouring bacteria
  • Reliable and convenient to use

Quicksuite® O.R.Table Kit _ Medline Australia

Lift sheet
A 102 cm x 152 cm soft disposable draw/lift sheet with great strength to aid in transfer, which further reduces the opportunity for friction and shear.

These products are non sterile class I medical devices.